Sunday, May 12, 2013

flavours - CAKES

- red velvet with vanilla cream cheese (popular)

- chocolate mudcake with dark chocolate ganache
- chocolate mudcake with vanilla cream cheese
- chocolate mudcake with salted caramel
- chocolate mudcake with orange dark chocolate truffle** 

- carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese 
- carrot cake with lemon lime white chocolate ganache

- vanilla cake with frosting to suit 
       >  this is where you can play around with the flavour you have in mind, for example, raspberry white chocolate, green tea buttercream etc, so if you tell me what you have in mind, i can perhaps come up with a suggestions   
       >> some suggested frosting : dark chocolate, white chocolate, salted caramel, raspberry white chocolate, pistachio rose white chocolate, 

- auntie Lan's special sponge cake**

- orange poppyseed with lemon lime white chocolate ganache

- caramel mudcake with dark & white chocolate ganache

- banana cake with salted caramel

**premium flavour - surcharge of 30% of price
**all of the cakes will be finished with either a dark or white chocolate ganache on the outer layer before covered in fondant.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

flavours - MACARONS

  • Black&White Macarons
  • Black Sesame Macarons
  • Black Sticky Rice Macarons w/ coconut custard buttercream
  • Caramel Fleur De Sel Macarons
  • Caramel Macarons
  • Cinnamon Chai Macarons
  • Chilli Chocolate Macarons
  • Dark Chocolate Macarons
  • Chocolate Honey Macarons
  • Green Tea Macarons
  • Green Tea Macarons w/ adzuki centre
  • French Earl Grey Macarons
  • Hazelnut Macarons w/ nutella buttercream
  • Ispahan - a variation (rose, lychee, raspberry)
  • "Klepon" Macarons (pandan buttercream with palm sugar centre)
  • Lavender & Honey Macarons
  • Mac & Cheese (salted cream cheese buttercream & cheddar topping)
  • Nutella Macarons
  • Pistachio Rose Macarons
  • Raspberry Macarons w/ raspberry white chocolate ganache
  • Raspberry Macarons w/ raspberry jam
  • Rice Pudding Macarons
  • Tiramisu Macarons
  • Vanilla Bean Macarons
  • Vanilla Bean Macarons w/ dark chocolate ganache

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

flavours - CUPCAKES

  • Blue Velvet Cupcakes
  • Caramel fleur de sel Cupcakes
  • Chai Tea Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Hi-Hat Cupcakes (swiss meringue frosting, dipped in chocolate)
  • Green Tea Almond Cupcakes
  • Green Tea Cupcakes
  • Green Tea Cupcakes w/ adzuki centre
  • Jasmine Milk Tea Cupcakes
  • Lavender Cupcakes w/ honey buttercream
  • Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes
  • Mocha Cupcakes
  • Nutella Swirl Cupcakes
  • Oreo Cupcakes (choose: chocolate or vanilla base)
  • Pistachio Rose Cupcakes w/ white chocolate ganache
  • Red Bean Cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ vanilla bean cream cheese frosting
  • Sinful Chocolate Cupcakes w/ whipped dark chocolate ganache *minis only
  • Sinful Chocolate Cupcakes w/ a sunken raspberry *minis only
  • Strawberry Swirl Cupcakes

Chocolate base:
  • Chocolate cupcakes w/ caramel buttercream
  • Chocolate cupcakes w/ chocolate buttercream (choose: milk, dark, or white chocolate)
  • Chocolate cupcakes w/ mint dark chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate cupcakes w/ vanilla buttercream

Vanilla base:
  • Vanilla cupcakes w/ caramel buttercream
  • Vanilla cupcakes w/ chocolate buttercream (choose: milk, dark, or white chocolate)
  • Vanilla cupcakes w/ strawberry swirl buttercream
  • Vanilla cupcakes w/ vanilla buttercream

Friday, October 17, 2008

. mini cupcakes $1.75 ea
. standard cupcakes $3.50 ea

* Price includes standard decoration
** Customised decorations range from $3-15

. french macarons $22 per dozen

. sugar cookies $3.80 ea
....just the right amount of sweetness

. cakes price on queries
....every cake is individually different, for you

*Price includes standard decoration

contact: cleony - 0401 499 699 or